Sur-thriving” After September 11th - How One Widow is Framing Tragedy in a New Light

Entrepreneur, mother, and 9/11 widow Lisa Luckett was one of thousands whose life was forever-altered that fateful day. With the clarity that only comes with time and distance, Luckett discovered the resiliency and beauty of the human spirit and vowed to not allow her husband’s death to be in vain by making something positive rise from the ashes of this tragic nightmare.

With a warrior’s will, Luckett took the opportunity to reframe her struggle and pain into a fast track for personal growth and positive change for herself and for her young family. As a 9/11 widow and breast cancer survivor, Luckett knows the value of life’s struggles and sees the light or silver lining in every situation. From her enlightened understanding, Luckett began living her life head-on, displaying her now mantra, “Choose Courage.”

Now, on the precipice of 9/11’s seventeenth anniversary, Luckett is sharing her perspective and life experiences in her new book, The Light in 9/11: Shocked by Kindness, Healed by Love [August 1, 2018].

 “In a world filled with such divisiveness and confusion, I hope to help people shift from fear and worry to gratitude and grace, to see what they have instead of what they don’t, and to remember what an incredible gift life is,” says Luckett. “In a challenge, loss, or trauma, can they ask themselves: why is this happening for me, instead of why is it happening to me. What am I being shown? What am I supposed to learn?”

In a thought-provoking, inspirational, and often energizing interview, Luckett can discuss: ·

  • Framing 9/11 in a new light, and shifting perspective to find wisdom and light in the face of tragedy
  • Tactical skills to cope with grief through trauma management
  • Using the power of kindness to make the world a better place
  • Facing fear and leaning into struggle to find personal empowerment
  • Removing the stigma around emotional and mental health issues
  • Encouraging those in need to seek and embrace the “Cycle of Healing”
  • Finding spiritual enlightenment for emotional wellness
  • What functional meditation is and how it can help with trauma
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