Teenager Challenges the Status Quo

While visiting relatives in India, Ibanca Anand had a life altering experience. As Ibanca worked on her laptop one day, a young woman her age asked her what she was doing. As she tried to explain, she realized that this young woman who worked as a domestic had never received an education.

Ibanca decided to make a difference; she came home and created a non-profit organization 501(c) 3 which she named Suhanee. The mission of Suhanee is to provide young girls in rural parts of India with the opportunity to acquire an education. Its motive is to break the social barrier between men and women and assist females in their community. Suhanee helps young girls to build the power, mindset and determination needed to live up to their potential and show the world that when it comes to gender and one's abilities, there really is no difference.

Coordinating through IIMPACT – a non-governmental agency –Ibanca is sponsoring a learning center in a village one hour from New Deli. Here, at the Suhanee Learning Center, girls K-5 have the opportunity to obtain an education.

At a recent fundraising event at the Barnes & Noble in North Brunswick, young dance students (ages 5 – 7) performed traditional Indian dances in full costume. Mahmuda Choudhury, a recent Rutgers graduate born in Bangladesh, shared her story with the audience. The theme of the event "Give Her a Voice" was to raise awareness about the lack of opportunity for many women throughout the world. Letters of gratitude from students at theSuhanee Learning Center were read.

To learn more about Suhanee's mission and how you can help, visit suhanee.org.

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